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July 2018
Sunday Lunch 1Andy Leggett's "The Sopranos"
Sunday Evening 1The Eddie Martin Band
Monday 2Jeremy Huggett's Allsorts
Tuesday 3Eddie Martin's Open Mic Night
Wednesday 4Belle Day
Thursday 5Rumblestrutters
Friday 6The Jack Calloway Dance Band
Saturday 7Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue
Sunday Lunch 8The Panama Jazz Band
Sunday Evening 8Eddie Martin and The 58s with Patsy Gamble
Monday 9Severn Jazzmen
Tuesday 10Eddie Martin's Open Mic Night
Wednesday 11Lost Eleven
Thursday 12Aydenne Simone & The LIam Stevens Trio
Friday 13Budapest Ragtime Band
Saturday 14The Buster Spritz Band
Sunday Lunch 15The Frampton Footwarmers
Sunday Evening 15The Eddie Martin Band
Monday 16Jeremy Huggett's Jazz Combo plus guest
Tuesday 17Eddie Martin's Open Mic Night
Wednesday 18The Model Folk
Thursday 19Skedaddle
Friday 20Sinead & the Sinnermen
Saturday 21Helele
Sunday Lunch 22The Keith Little Band
Sunday Evening 22The Eddie Martin Band
Monday 23Severn Jazzmen
Tuesday 24Eddie Martin's Open Mic Night
Wednesday 25Swampcandy (USA)
Thursday 26The Brass Junkies
Friday 27The Blue Notes
Saturday 28The Jiveoholics
Sunday Lunch 29Black Cat Jazz
Sunday Evening 29Eddie Martin's One Man Blues Band
Monday 30Jeremy Huggett's Allsorts
Tuesday 31Eddie Martin's Open Mic Night

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